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Saturday, January 29, 2011

RTS LU-6 NU-7 Review - Part 2

RTS Lugnut is more detailed compared to his animated mold,has many points of articulation,much more detailed
many parts to transform, this is a hasbro release,very  unique color scheme,Part of the RTS voyager release wave 1 all in all this is a great figure to have,Please Discuss!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Impossible toys TFA - Pro.Isaac Sundac,Sari Sundac & Captain Fanzone

Impossible toys have created a good product for these transformers animated human characters,but i feel that it could have been much better,articulation on hands and legs would have enhanced more playability much more and the sad part is that this figures are just plain static.Colour scheme could be much better. Please feel free and discuss!

Transformers Device Label - Tigatron review

Device Label Tigertron is a cute transformer,size of storage is 2GB, this toy/device is great, color wise follow truly to his G1 counterpart,had no issues with storage transfers,it's a USB 2.0 Standard,high speed USB,will encounter some issues on windows 7 though,articulation is superb.Worth your consideration, becareful there are a lot of Knock -Off's out there. This is a picture of ravage - similar mold to tigatron but it's a KO.

Transformers Animated Activators Nemesis Prime

There is no transformers animated nemesis prime,it's a Knock off which I've found, surprising the quality is quite nice similar mold,painted as black overall ,red and blue color scheme,its transformation is not as fluid as the original,but for a kitbash candidate there is no better choose.Heigh wise it's to scale as activators prime, screws used are of lower grade,plastic is solid,articulation is quite tight,however shoulders are very loose,feel free to discuss.

TFA Animated - Japanese - TA10 - Cliffjumper(Activators)

Transformers Animated Cliff jumper - Takara release is a superb buy, at first sight you can see the vibrant metallic red paint apps on the mold follow by the obvious autobot logo which been label on the mold with perfection. Wheels are detailed with chrome silver,windows are painted,takara should have put more effort in getting the clear windows in,Transformation is 8/10 , joint are quite tight,no loose joints when testing the articulation, activators button does not get stuck like the hasbro release,the head sculpt is totally cliffjumper,the mold is the same as activators Bumblebee, just a head change.Please feel free to discuss.

Takara EZ Collection Set 3 - Rotf Legends Class Arcee

Takara EZ Collection Set 3 - Rotf  Legends Class Arcee is a nice addition to one's legends collection, the metallic pink paint apps are perfectly painted along with some cybertronian symbols on the bike makes this legends figure unique amongst its releases.I had to order this from overseas as in my country the price skyrocket up and it is a very rare figure even to find a specialized toy store.Transformation is very easy. Took me 2 minutes to get this figure transformed,there is no articulation on this figure as well,the engineering involved in making this figure is very simple and complex at the same time.Please discuss! :)

Transformers Power Core Bomshock with Combaticons

I have not found any QC problems, like i wonder why so many fans clamor about Bombshock and it seems that all the  PCC is being released wave after waveg,durability and design are neatly done. Basically what i wanted to say is GET THEM ALL ,Please discuss here!

Transformers Hunt for the Decepticons Hubcup

This scout figure when it was released,especially many transformers toy collectors clamored for it,this scout class transformer is painted orange,Vehicle mode looks fantastic,the color scheme blends in well with the car design.This is a hasbro release,the mold is not painted in detail,head sculpt reminds me of beachcomber's G1 head from the original series.Hand's and legs are articulation are there but limited pose-ability.Joints are tight,on a scale from 1-10 , i would rate him at 9/10,Please discuss!

HFTD Deluxe Class Ironhide Review

HFTD Ironhide here is a scaled-down version of the Voyager-Class Ironhide we’ve seen in both previous Movie line-ups.He is a new mold with several notable differences. The differences are for example, missing the car door wings of the larger figure.

He’s also got bigger feet with one of the car mode tires flat on the ground. The chest assembly is more stable and a bit more streamlined compared to the Voyager.This time round  Ironhide also has a big weapon on each arm, but only one resembles the big cannons the Voyager figure had.

The other weapon is a  box-shaped weapon resembling a missile launcher of  which is also used in his alternate mode. Posability wise the standard amongst all  Deluxe figures, are rather good.

Ironhide’s rather black/white color scheme sadly obscures many of the details this figure has.

Please feel free to discuss!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011


TakaraTomy TFA Optimus Prime Black Version

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RTS LU-6 NU-7 Review -Part1

RTS Lugnut is more detailed compared to his animated mold,has many points of articulation,much more detailed
many parts to transform, this is a hasbro release,very  unique color scheme,Part of the RTS voyager release wave 1 all in all this is a great figure to have,Please Discuss!!!

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