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Thursday, January 27, 2011

HFTD Deluxe Class Ironhide Review

HFTD Ironhide here is a scaled-down version of the Voyager-Class Ironhide we’ve seen in both previous Movie line-ups.He is a new mold with several notable differences. The differences are for example, missing the car door wings of the larger figure.

He’s also got bigger feet with one of the car mode tires flat on the ground. The chest assembly is more stable and a bit more streamlined compared to the Voyager.This time round  Ironhide also has a big weapon on each arm, but only one resembles the big cannons the Voyager figure had.

The other weapon is a  box-shaped weapon resembling a missile launcher of  which is also used in his alternate mode. Posability wise the standard amongst all  Deluxe figures, are rather good.

Ironhide’s rather black/white color scheme sadly obscures many of the details this figure has.

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