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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Transformers Reviews

Battle Blade Bumblade's is the tallest of all deluxe Bumblebees the most complex and the most, well bad-ass. He puts most movie bumblebee to shame. His  face sculpt is fierce looking and isn't exactly movie accurate, but when he looks this good, it doesnt matter. He has both an axe and an arm cannon, nothing is sacrificed to add these weapons. He has the battle mask as well, and again, nothing is sacrificed. his head sculpt is great, and really makes the "preview" wave bumblebee's head look scared and confused in comparison.

Mold-wise, everything is quite new, no recycled parts from the concept camaro mold. Legs transform pretty much the same way, but they're all new parts. the arms are heavily detailed, unlike the chunky flat surfaces of cannon bumblebee.

Even if you're suffering from bumblebee exhaustion, you really should pick this guy up. He puts every other bumblebee to shame, including human alliance bumblebee. There are a few negatives though. he's lacking in paint applications. he's got them where they count the most, but there's no license plate, and the exhaust pipes are untouched. it's minor when you consider that most of the budget went to upping the part count. the only other negative is that he looks pretty boring front the top, because of the hood of the car that surrounds his head. may not bother you, but it looks off to me. he can look pretty odd when viewed from the front in some poses, as he'll look like he's slouching because of the slope of the car's hood.

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